Printing in Windows

Steve King st.king42 at
Mon May 3 08:11:47 EDT 2010

Hi Jacqueline

Yes, the Printer libraries are included in the standalone build, I've let
Rev sort out libraries itself and also tried manually including. This has no
effect though

Code is :

on mouseUp
   --answer printer (just me experimenting)
   --answer page setup (Just me experimenting)
   get the PrintPaperOrientation
   Put it into Old_Orientation
   Set the PrintPaperOrientation to "Landscape"

   set the printmargins to 72,30,72,30
   Set the PrintScale to 0.75
   Set the LockScreen to True
   set the visible of group "TAB" to false
   Set the visible of button "Print" to false

   Print this card

   set the visible of group "TAB" to True
   Set the visible of button "Print" to True
   Set the LockScreen to False

   set the visible of fld "Printing" to True
   -- This is just a dummy to the user while I wait 2 seconds 
   wait for 2 seconds
    set the visible of fld "Printing" to False
   Set the PrintPaperOrientation to Old_Orientation
end mouseUp

Any help appreciated

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>>Steve King wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I am also having problems printing in Windows. 
>> In development, setting print orientation works fine. In the standalone
>> doesn't. I get Landscape in the development but portrait (the printer
>> default) in the standalone. 
>> I do the following
>> Read printer orientation
>> Store it
>> Set it to landscape
>> Print
>> Wait 2 seconds (incase being set to portrait to quickly)
>> Set back to portrait
>> Any suggestions?

>If you're using any of the "rev" prefixed print commands, you need to 
>include the Printing library in the standalone. It doesn't sound like 
>that's the problem though. Can you post the relevant part of your script?

>Jacqueline Landman Gay 

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