OT: need advice for keeping file flags in a zip

Thierry D. th.douez at gmail.com
Mon May 3 03:21:48 EDT 2010

Le 3 mai 2010 à 08:54, Tiemo Hollmann TB a écrit :

> Hello,
> still struggeling with keeping the locked flag of a file when zipping and
> unzipping. I followed exactly Thierries advice to use following syntax:
> ditto -c -k --sequesterRsrc SrcFolder  testditto.zip


> and though a locked file in Thierries environment is still locked after
> unzipping, in my environment (MacOS 10.5.8) the file isn't locked anymore
> after unzipping.

MacOS 10.6 here. Could it be this ? new ditto version in it  ?

> So the difference must be in any other test parameter. What
> I have tried is following:
> -          Actually I am not sure, if the flag gets lost while zipping or
> unzipping. Anyhow, after unzipping, controlling the information of the file,
> the flag is lost
> -          I tried different zip tools for zipping and unzipping (ditto,
> 7zip, gui tar) with same result

No, no !

--sequesterRsrc works only with PKZip

Do in a terminal:  ditto -h

Usage: ditto [ <options> ] src [ ... src ] dst

    <options> are any of:
    -X              do not descend into directories with a different device ID
    -c              create an archive at dst (by default CPIO format)
    -x              src(s) are archives
    -z              gzip compress CPIO archive
    -j              bzip2 compress CPIO archive
    -k              archives are PKZip
    --sequesterRsrc copy resources via polite directory (PKZip only)


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