Ink Settings and Printing

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun May 2 15:35:35 EDT 2010

When trying export (or import) all elements on a card, there is no need to
do any grouping.  As in Marty's case, one only needs to import a snapshot of
the card.  Here's one way:

 import snapshot from rect (rect of this cd) of this cd

Grouping allows you import/export the objects independently of the card
itself and maintain the empty space/effects around the objects, as you


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX Design

Recently, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

>>> I'm trying to print a card with a jpeg image on it and have noticed that
>>> when I set the Ink to anything other than the standard  srcCopy that the
>>> image quality suffers noticeably. I think I tired every setting that
>>> allows underlaying objects to show through the white bounding box of my
>>> jpeg - which is what I need. Has anyone else tried something like this?

>> Marty, have you tried creating a snapshot of the card first, and then
>> printing the snapshot?  Might work better than trying to force the
>> inks/image formats.

> I've had to do a lot of this sort of thing recently. My experience is
> that if
> one has an image with various settings such as ink/blending, graphic effects
> (I am in love with a charcoal inner glow on a white border) and one attempts
> to export it as an image all those settings are lost; similarly so
> exporting a
> snapshot.
> If, however, one groups the image after one has set all the effects
> (just create
> a group out of the image by itself; a bit counter intuitive, but there
> we are) and
> then exports either it or the whole card as a snapshot everything is
> preserved.

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