Apples actual response to the Flash issue

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Ok, a real discussion.  People choose the best choice available to them.  The choices we in computerdom have offered are not exactly overwhelming in their scope.  If my choice is between a horrible spreadsheet, a really snappy one, and a game that makes me feel like I rule a flying dinosaur world with angelena jolee, guess what the royal "I" will always choose.  Can you blame "me"?  As computers have become a million times faster software has become about three times better.  That isn't a very proud ratio.  The revolution to come is a revolution of self evolving software that never sleeps, is using the most hardware it can round up, and wants to learn so that it can help us.  That is the kind of jump in choice the public deserves.  Until then, I cheer the public even if I am not always one of them. 

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> Adobe didn't conceive postscript, photshop, illustrator, flash, etc.  Mathematica isn't derivative.  Wolfram (for all I rail on his philosophy) is one of the last remaining computer scientists.  I think there is something about the act of writing software the way we've been doing it that either strips the science out of us or keeps the scientists away.  Wolfram is an interesting guy.  His mathematica is like most of this first wave software simply a digital "analog" of a tool we did manually before.  Yet at the same t

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