Apples actual response to the Flash issue

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If you follow the w3c you will notice a direction towards making a vector based description language the core of web graphics.  That will leave adobe in the same position it has put all of its customers for years, the only option is to sell an IDE or editor that supports the web standard.  Browsers will be able to naively unpack and display motion vector based video as per the world wide standard.  Apple and microsoft are only too happy to push towards this agenda if only knock the village bully down.  And it is about time.  Anyone remember NAPALPS  (i that how it was spelled?) the vector based content protocol the french and canadian web used?  Its not like macromedia invented flash or its concept.

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Adobe didn't conceive postscript, photshop, illustrator, flash, etc.  Mathematica isn't derivative.  Wolfram (for all I rail on his philosophy) is one of the last remaining computer scientists.  I think there is something about the act of writing software the way we've been doing it that either strips the science out of us or keeps the scientists away.  Wolfram is an interesting guy.  His mathematica is like most of this first wave software simply a digital "analog" of a tool we did manually before.  Yet at the same time, he actively promotes the idea of properties and tools unique to computation (his "new" kind of science).  Anyway, this discussion was about steve jobs when I think it should be about adobe's all to familiar entrenchment approach to "innovation".  This, once the disappointment and anger wears off is what has driven steve jobs into such unpopular and dangerous a stance.  Like all tertiary species, runrev can only eat the debris that falls to the ocean floor.  When xtalk was abandoned by apple, that was the day the music really died. 

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I don't spend much time on this list anymore.

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