Apples actual response to the Flash issue

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Really, the word "revisionist" is no longer to be used?  There are quite a few words in the marxist cannon, in manifestos large and small by villains throughout history, are all of these words off limits?  Should we wait until you inform us so that we might fall into line according to your word retirement program?  Richard, I suggest that you refrain from grade school level arguments and argue points on the merits of their content.  Your attempts at defamation are obvious and childish.  You have been bullying this list for years.  I have received numerous personal off-list emails by people who simply refuse to post after being subject on too many times to your personal attacks.  Views on issues can be stated even in angry tones without attacking the character individuals who write in debate.  Maybe you would prefer to make fun of my face or clothing?  Should I post a picture?  Maybe you would like to say something rude about my parents or where I live?  Would that help shore up your arguments?  Please.  

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  On 02/05/2010 14:16, Randall Lee Reetz wrote:
> <snip>  These are revisionist applications exactly as I have noted.

The funny thing is that when I hear/see the word 'revisionist' it makes me
think of Marxist critiques of Trotskyism and Holocaust deniers; neither of
these meanings seem to line up with software applications.

Another semantic shift perhaps; possibly only in Mr Reetz's private
language ?

Beam me up.
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