Apples actual response to the Flash issue

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Sun May 2 10:57:51 EDT 2010

> > What I am frustrated with is the continual revisionist approach to 
> > software development... that photshop seemed great 20 years 
> ago really 
> > doesn't mean we should still be subjected to it's awkwardness today.
> Which is why a lot of photographers now use LightRoom, 
> Aperture or similar...

There are a lot of older applications that do not follow modern guidelines -
they pretty much predated the guidelines.

The problem with older apps is that for all the users who get truly fed up
with their arcane workflow, there are many, many others who have spent a
decade perfecting their knowledge of how to do things with it. Vendors think
twice about upsetting them. Think about institutional buyers who purchase
several thousand units at at time, and then face the prospect of having to
retrain their people.

My software publishing company Mirye publishes a 3D application that was
first released in 1986. I believe that pre-dates even MAX. But both Shade
and MAX do things their own way, because there are so many people who would
be very upset if they were changed to the core.

What the Shade guys do though is add new functionality and UI and make it
possible to turn them off, or reconfigure the UI in a way that you can stick
to the old tried-and-true methods.

And yeah, I never liked Photoshop, but really like Fireworks ;-)

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Mirye Software Publishing

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