Robert Brenstein rjb at
Sun May 2 06:55:02 EDT 2010

>And its stupid. Because the best way to promote a development 
>environment is to promote/ sell the apps that have been coded with 
>I am waiting to see a revStore. With everything on it. This way John 
>Doe (not to mention Steve Jobs)  will be able to judge if apps 
>developed with revolution can be great, inspiring, or if it's all 
>crap. An the more apps there will be, the better it will be for 

revStore is a great idea for selling stuff for RunRev community of 
developers. RevSelect offers products hand-picked by RunRev, I think 
of them as officially sanctioned extensions to RunRev products. 
revStore could be more of a central marketplace, may be even with a 
place with stuff that is now given away for free.

revStore is not a good idea for selling general/end-user apps made 
with RunRev. This could be better handled by having a Showcase area 
on the RunRev's web side. On one hand, there are the issues that 
Jacque described from her AOL past. On the other hand, there is whole 
spectrum of issues with competing with other venues that sell desktop 
software. There is nothing binding users fo products made with 
RunRev, like using same hardware, so there is nothing to draw them to 
revStore. On the contrary, bulk of RunRev-based products are for 
disjointed vertical markets. And I dare say that app users by large 
do not give a damn what tools their program was made with as long as 
it works and does what they need.


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