Apples actual response to the Flash issue

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Sun May 2 07:01:09 EDT 2010

(I removed the poster's name from this quote because my post  is not
directed at the person, but the idea that we are all equal)

The tribesmen also forget that they can topple their chieftains quite
> easily; they wander around with their mouths
> hanging open in awe of the mighty chief - forgetting that s/he is,
> ultimately, no better than they are.
> Hmmm, and far too often one thinks of oneself as being just as good if not
better than someone else, when everyone else knows that isn't the case.

I've been biting my tongue, not responding to personal comments within this
thread , just to outside links referred to, because simply put, this is like
Apple vs Windows, God vs No God, Republican vs Democrat, everyone has
already made up their mind, they'll voice their opinion and will blindly
refuse to consider any other... except for one person on this list who I
won't name.

So, in the interest of not trying to appear to counter anyone's argument I
will try to denigrate myself as much as possible.

If you had $1,000,000 to wager, who would you bet against,

me vs Michael Schumacher in a F1 race
me vs Roger Federer in a Tennis Match
me vs Tiger Woods in infidelity
me vs Lee Kwan Yew in running a country
me vs Valentino Rossi in a MotoGP
me vs Lance Armstrong in a cycling race
me vs Michael Phelps in a swim race
me vs Mozart in writing a symphony
me vs Leonardo da Vinci in painting a female portrait

me vs Steve Jobs in running Apple?

All your choices will be based on track record and the FACT that we are NOT
EQUAL. That every single one of us is different and that for a very very few
they are stand out extraordinary. This whole thread has been sidetracked
into pointless discussion about the freedom to develop with this tool or
that tool or use this format or that format and seems to bypass the freedom
of Steve Jobs to run his company.

So read that last challenge again, and read it exactly how it is written,
and again decide who really is going to make more money with Apple.

And just in case you are still deluded into believe that your comments are
right, and therefore you would be better at running Apple than Steve is, I'm
hereby asking all readers of this thread to put forward the name of that
Poster who's arguments are so right that they believe they'd do a better job
at running Apple than Steve - and you can't nominate yourself ;-)

Personally, I'll sell all my Apple stock if tomorrow Steve steps down and
hands over to any one of you ;-)

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