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Une bonne idée à creuser > c'est un travail de mineur ça ! ;-)
A good idea to dig > this is a pit worker's job ! ;-)

Le 1 mai 2010 à 22:45, François Chaplais a écrit :

> There has been a number of threads about Apple and revMobile that really tempted be to go trolling and flaming...
> I have let some time pass, and I think it is time to reverse the question and forget about Steve Jobs.
> The topic is: one of the reasons of the success of the iPhone is the AppStore.
> Here, law abiding developers can find a place to market their product. If the software is free, the developer is not charged for anything; if it is not, Apple takes 30%, if I recall correctly. For that amount, Apple takes cares of credit card handling, manages the currency exchange rates for you, pays relevant taxes like VAT, etc...
> Now let us forget about the iPhone and concentrate on the App Store.
> What does RunRev do to promote, distribute and sell software that has been developed with revolution? I mean the traditional stuff: desktop applications.
> The answer: nothing (as far as I know).
> And its stupid. Because the best way to promote a development environment is to promote/ sell the apps that have been coded with it.
> I am waiting to see a revStore. With everything on it. This way John Doe (not to mention Steve Jobs)  will be able to judge if apps developed with revolution can be great, inspiring, or if it's all crap. An the more apps there will be, the better it will be for everybody.
> Heather, I put you on copy as I think you are the best person in the rev team to ponder on that.
> Best regards
> 	François
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