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> Standards only work to the extent that they apply protocol at the most effective strata in the stack.  When adobe restricts graphics protocol that should live down near the lower reaches of the OS or below, to above the application level, they create an unstable and ultimately untenable imbalance in the stack that only serves to put the breaks on innovation and forward looking change.  In any evolving system, progress towards optimization must supersede temporary success. Unstable awkward architectures act as dams that prevent natural flow.  Only putrification and stagnation will result.  And the dam will eventually burst as it is digested by its own content or overwhelmed by less artificially restrained flows that have found their own way towards progress despite the unnatural abomination in their way.  Standards and optimal hierarchical placement thereof.  Nothing else succeeds in the long run.  Is rev or any xtalk solution really the future?  The future belongs to those who optimize the stack.  Adobe has a better mix of language and graphics than anyone else.  That is why apple and microsoft are focusing their angst at adobe.  If adobe didn't hold the ball, there would be no reason for such big players to throw such a tantrum... they would just join together and create their own protocol.  The idea that rev should go its own and build towards less awkward standards is simply laughable.  Rev is the poster boy for companies  that hang on the coat tails of the work of others.  Bottom feeders.  Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it isn't where you would go looking for red hot trail blazing innovation and standards.  Hilarious.
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