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Sat May 1 18:09:27 EDT 2010

Le 1 mai 2010 à 23:24, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> François Chaplais wrote:
> > What does RunRev do to promote, distribute and sell software that
> > has been developed with revolution? I mean the traditional stuff:
> > desktop applications.
> > The answer: nothing (as far as I know).
> What are RevOnline and RevSelect?
> --

RevOnline (the one I know from studio) requires revolution and has a crappy interface. Plus you cannot do business there. : just have a look at the top downloads and the the screen shot: it's ugly. Plus it does not sell.

I assume revselect is
15 apps: ha! Is that all?

The revstore should be accessible  directly from the "store" tab of the runrev site. At this time, unless you *know* that the pages for revonline and revselect exist, there is no chance to find them.

The truth is that runrev does not help the promotion of its customers'apps. The result is that it gives the impression that it his a second class development tool.

I have never been aggressive towards runrev, I have a 5 year mac renewal Studio license, a 5 year renewal revmobile license. I do not like saying what I said about runrev. But if were a newbie to runrev, I would say "yechh" when looking at the two previously mentioned pages, provide I can find them.

An thanks for the feedback, Richard.

Best regards

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