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Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 30 00:54:47 EDT 2010

I think the button you're dragging along will get in the way of the drop. It's better to update the dragImage rather than try and move a 'shadow' button around the card; besides, it won't show once your drag goes outside the window.

Add an image, set its name to "DragImage" and hide it. Then use the following code:
on dragStart
   set the itemdel to tab
   set the label of btn "DragData" to \
          item 2 of the hilitedText of me
   export snapshot from btn "DragData" \
          to image "DragImage" as PNG
   set the dragImage to the short id of image "DragImage"
   set the dragData["text"] to the hilitedText of me
   pass dragStart
end dragStart

You can always play around with the dragImageOffset to better align the dragImage with the cursor.


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--- On Tue, 6/29/10, tkuypers at telenet.be <tkuypers at telenet.be> wrote:
> ok, something weird is happening and
> I'm lost...
> I have a list with some lines of text of which I want to
> drag from.
> Next I have a button on which I want to drop onto.
> I've created an invisible button, whose label is set to the
> line I selected, and becomes visible in the "dragStart"
> handler of the field.
> Script in field:
> on dragStart
>    set the itemdel to tab
>    set the label of btn "DragData" to item 2
> of the hilitedText of me
>    show btn "DragData"
>    set the dragData["text"] to the
> hilitedText of me
>    pass dragStart
> end dragStart
> on dragEnd
>    hide btn "DragData"
> end dragEnd
> on dragMove
>    set the loc of btn "DragData" to the
> mouseLoc
>    pass dragMove
> end dragMove
> And now the strange thing.
> Drag & drop works fine, the button accepts the drop,
> but moving the "text-lable-button" is choppy and  stops
> when I leave the field.
> So I moved the "DragMove" handler out of the field and
> moved it to the card script.
> Moving is really smooth now, the button follows the mouse
> very nice, but the drop doesn't work anymore... The button
> that should receive the dragData just doesn't react
> anymore.
> What am I missing?
> I'm on a Mac and using the latest version of RR
> (4.5.0-dp-3), but 4.0.0-gm-1 reacts the same.
> Any help is welcome!
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