Sorting lines by variable directions and types

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>> Is there some slight of hand I can perform on the variables  
>> tDirection
>> and tType to make my one-liner functional, i.e.
>>     sort lines of  tList   MagicOperator(tDirection)
>> MagicOperator(tType) by word 1 of each
> You should be able to use "do" for this:
>  do "sort lines of tList" && tDirection && tType && "by word 1 of  
> each"
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Ah, the "DO" command. I remember now hearing about it on this list in  
times long gone by.

I always felt there was always something a little mysterious and  
miraculous about it.

I think there must have been a "DO" command involved when the Sun  
stood still for Joshua.

Don't explain it to me. I need a little mystery in my  life right now.

Suffice it to say that it works. Thanks.

Jim Hurley

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