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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jun 28 14:28:06 EDT 2010

Richmond wrote:

> Pardon my naivety; but I thought the whole point of
> the geometry manager (which, I admit, I have never
> used) was so that stacks / standalones could be made
> that were effectively resolution independent, scaling
> all their objects proportionally to occupy whatever
> "real estate" was offered by the end-user's monitor.
> Funny thing, really, when almost every program I have
> ever used that wants to occupy the whole screen just
> resets the screen resolution of the end-user's monitor
> (all seems rather simpler than the poor old programmer
> having to go spare bu**ering around with a 'geometry manager'0;
> but, of course, RunRev doesn't seem to be able to do that.

Depends what sort of app you're making.

Games are among the few types of apps that merely scale according to 

Productivity apps tend to respond to changes in screen resolution by 
optimizing their layouts to maximize data views.

While simple scaling would be nice (see my request at 
<>), in practice 
I almost never need it, while I do use the resizeStack and 
desktopChanged messages in almost every thing I write to maximize data 

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