snapshot and background problems

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Mon Jun 28 13:13:05 EDT 2010


just a thought, as I don 't know your context...

Maybe the right time to look at the paintcompression ( Rev dictionary )

my 2 cents


> Recently, Michael D Mays wrote:
>> Thanks Scott. I don't know what is going on. I  tried this before and I didn't
>> get anything but trash. This morning when I ran the handler the image became
>> grey. I had been saying 'set the imagedata ...' instead of '...text...'. I
>> tried text and the same nothing changed. So I deleted and dragged a new  image
>> into the background ( for the nth time) and ran the handler again and it
>> worked!?? 
> Your image may have been messed up -- I've seen this happen where repeatedly
> setting image data of an image causes it to stop responding.
> Setting imageData by itself is OK, but over the last few years, I've taken
> to setting the text of an image (ironic) to any picture-related data,
> because doing so sets both image/alpha properties at the same time. This is
> important to maintain transparency when it comes to PNG images.  Setting
> image/alphaData properties in 2 separate steps is klunky.
> I have no data to suggest that setting the text of an image is any better or
> worse than the method of putting image-related data into an image.  I've
> only seen references by the programming dudes at RunRev to use the text
> property, so I do.
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