Location parameters in Size Inspector for stack

Michael D Mays michael at michaelsmanias.com
Mon Jun 28 12:34:50 EDT 2010

When I go to one of the location fields, type in a different number; tab: nothing happens. If I click either of the arrows for the location's input fields of the stack, the stack updates to the incremented value. I've quit and restarted Rev;  created a new empty mainstack with the same results.

Here is something stranger: If I click the max or min width arrow the stack shrinks to about width=3, height=10 not at the location in the inspector. I can then click the size fields arrow to get the size and width to update but the stack is not at the location advertised. If I click one of the arrows associated with the location the location updates.

I'm running 4.0 on 10.6.4


On Jun 28, 2010, at 10:27 AM, DunbarX at aol.com wrote:

> So the size tracks the changes when clicking on the arrows, but NOT when 
> you enter a value and leave the field?
> Craig Newman

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