MD5 digests of very big files

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sun Jun 27 15:11:02 EDT 2010

Looks like the culprit is the condition
to escape the repeat structure.

The result never reach the EOF "end of file".

Which other condition could i use to
verify that the file have been reading

Thanks in advance!


> In this enhancement request written by Mark Schonewille: 
> Mark Waddingham posted this function: 
> function quasiMD5 pFile 
>    local tMD5s 
>    open file pFile for binary read 
>    repeat 
>      read from file pFile for 4096 chars 
>      if the result is EOF then -- Alert!!! the result never reach "EOF"
>        exit repeat 
>      end if 
>      put the md5digest of it after tMD5s 
>    end repeat 
>    close file pFile 
>    return the md5Digest of tMD5s 
> end quasiMD5 
> But when i run this function, Rev 
> consumes all memory available. 
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