Question about Native Geometry

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jun 27 12:41:00 EDT 2010

Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Its a 22 inch, a wide screen, and it seems to be 10.5 inches high.  Fonts in
> the dictionary appear to be about 4 point.

That doesn't tell us what the actual screen resolution is though. At any 
rate, Rev uses font inheritance for most of its stacks, and that's based 
on the font size set in the Home stack. Try this in the message box:

   set the textsize of stack "home" to 14

Then open the dictionary and see if it looks different. Other stacks 
that don't have their own size specifically set will inherit the size 
you put in Home as well. If the above works, you can set it up to happen 
automatically. Since the home stack is locked and the size is set by a 
script in there, you'll need to make a little plugin that issues that 
command after the IDE starts up. You can set your plugin to either 
respond to a Rev message, or just run on startup and then close itself. 
Or if you have any custom backscripts that routinely run, just put the 
command in there instead.

By the way, I was running Ubuntu last night and I didn't see any font 
size problems. I suspect my resolution isn't the same as yours, but you 
don't say what you're running at.

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