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Sat Jun 26 08:55:22 EDT 2010

On Jun 26, 2010, at 6:21 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Mark Schonewille wrote:
>> put (fld 1 is a color and the number of items of fld 1 is 3) into
>> myIsRGB
> " a color..."  Gad, I never knew about this usage.  Good to know.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Scott Rossi

I didn't know that either. I experimented a little with this.

put "255,255" is a color --> false, but
put "255,255,255,34" is a color --> true,
hence the need for the extra check for the number of items = 3.
But beware:
put "255,255,401" is a color --> true
so the range is not checked, instead 401 is "wrapped" (mod 256) to 146  
when the color is set to such a triplet

For a really strict parsing in just one line, I suspect you have to  
use Regex. Notice I said "you," since *I* can't use Regex to save my  
life, though I'm happy to copy and paste snippets provided by others  
into my scripts when needed....

-- Peter

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