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Fri Jun 25 19:37:47 EDT 2010

Isn't Idle just another system message? Why would that be processed and not the others? I think that the RevBrowser actually generates an idle message in order to allow for just this sort of thing. But I am just guessing here. 


On Jun 25, 2010, at 11:19 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Bob Sneidar wrote:
>> Ba-BINK! You probably stumbled upon what the whole issue is with a
>> slew of RevBrowser problems people are having. Hey Revolution Guys!
>> Are you reading all this?
> Probably not, the engineers read the Improve list but rarely get time to come over here.
> What it sounds like to me is that this kind of "problem" is just a side-effect of running an external that can interact only with its own window. An idle handler would force a sliver of time to be devoted to the engine in the background. As soon as it gets a chance, all the backlogged system messages are sent. This would be similar to using "wait x seconds with messages" -- using "with messages" gives a time slice to the engine to do its cleanup work, and without that the handler is blocking. Ditto for the external. As long as the mouse is inside revbrowser, the card underneath gets no time slice for maintenance.
> Just my theory, but if it's true, it isn't a bug per se, it's just how things work and developers would need to accomodate it. Using idle is a pretty clever workaround.
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