Chartmaker 2

Hugh Senior h at
Fri Jun 25 04:23:04 EDT 2010

Thank you for the kind words, JB.

Although there is obviously overlap, ChartMaker and ChartsEngine are more
complementary than mutually exclusive. It depends on the application,
personal preference and feature sets required.

Hugh Senior

-= JB =- <sundown at> wrote:
>I recently purchased Chartmaker 2 for Rev and it is an excellent
>addition for anyone who wants charts and graphs.
>I already own chartsEngine written by Malte and I love it too.
>You might wonder why did I buy Chartmaker 2 when I already own
>chartsEngine. I like the ability to graph my data and these both
>provide a different look which I think are both very nice.
>There are so many things that can be viewed with a graph I am
>really happy Rev has both of these products.
>Revolution is an excellent programming environment which just got
>better with chartsEngine by Malte and Chartmaker 2 written by
>Hugh Senior of Flexible Learning Company.

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