revBrowser madness

Simon Lord slord at
Thu Jun 24 15:27:01 EDT 2010

I've posted a JPG of the issue here:

This stack is built off the sample browser stack which comes with
RunRev.  I have pretty much everything I need except for this
insidious issue.  As long as the mouse is within the bounds of the
revBrowser display then the URL *never* gets updated.  I've tried a
multitude of methods to try and trap the mouse position, load success
etc.  Nothing is working.  The only way to get the URL to update is if
I move the mouse outside the red bounds—and that's just a bad

on idle, mouseWithin, mouseLeave, mouseEnter etc.  None of these is
triggered while the mouse is within the revBrowser.  I can't even get
code to execute when the loading is successful.  It's really just
plain bonkers.

Any ideas?

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