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Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Thu Jun 24 12:02:26 EDT 2010

Again, we are using the word "bugs" here on a one dimensional sense, as though all bugs were created equal. Is it reasonable to expect Adobe to fix a bug that deselects an object when I alt-shift-control-right-click on a menu? No, it's not. Is it reasonable to expect them to fix it when it crashes to desktop corrupting the file I had open? Absolutely. If we are going to have any kind of honest discussion about the subject, we have to make this distinction. 

Also, many bugs are not fixed or dealt with in the minor releases, but are addresses in the major ones. I find that entirely reasonable as well. 


On Jun 24, 2010, at 1:55 AM, Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> Does the fact, and it probably is one, that you can fix time, cost or
> quality, but not all three at once, mean that its OK to have reported bugs
> hanging around for years at a time undealt with?  Not necessarily unfixed,
> but not dealt with and disposed of one way or another?  No.  In the end that
> is the route to failure.  

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