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Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Jun 23 20:22:58 CDT 2010

Recently, Simon Lord wrote:

> Any way to immediately know which browsers are installed on the user's
> system and drop those into a menu?  Same thing for image editors if possible.

It's funny, I remember using scripts like a decade ago to retrieve the
*default* Web browser, but Rev's goURL and launch commands have obviated the
need for this and it's been so long I don't recall the scripts I used to do
it (good times...).   :-)

To automatically get a list of installed browsers or image editors seems
difficult since I believe the system only "cares" about the defaults
established by the user (even then, so many apps on OS X are not officially
installed, just "placed").  Several Web development tools I have allow you
to assign multiple apps as defaults for testing purposes, but aside from a
plugin installer that walks through system directories, I've never seen a
tool that automatically knows what suitable apps are installed.

Maybe someone else has an option.


Scott Rossi
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