preOpenCard inside behaviors, does it works?

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Tue Jun 22 17:19:44 EDT 2010


Yep, you're right. If I quit rev and reopen, and immediately ask for the 
behavior of the stack, I get a valid button reference. So it seems like 
everything should be fine. But no go, like you discovered. And yes, if I set the 
stack behavior manually all over again, changing, ostensibly nothing, it 

I'm going to report it.


In a message dated 6/22/10 4:54:21 PM, mwieder at writes:

> That would be nice. But I'm finding that it doesn't work that way. It
> seems ok while the stack is still in memory after I've set the
> behavior, but if I save a stack with the stack behavior set to a
> button with a preOpenXXX or openXXX or all the above and then reload
> it, the messages aren't caught by the behavior button. If I set the
> card behavior to the button then the message *are* caught when the
> stack reloads.

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