File browser extension

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Jun 21 21:04:41 EDT 2010

Hi Simon,

set the itemDel to slash
put item 1 to -2 of the effective filename of this stack into myPath
set the defaultFolder to myPath
put the files into fld "File List"

You could add icons by preceding the file name with a special  
character and setting the imageSource of char 1 of each line to an  
image id.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 22 jun 2010, at 02:31, Simon Lord wrote:

> Close.  What I'm looking for is a field list that shows you all the
> files and folders in the stacks current directory.  With graphical
> representations of files and folders.  User can simply click the
> folder(s) disclosure icons to expand the view to see what's inside or
> doubleclick to display only the contents of that folder.
> So *not* the answer file.  Just a browsable list field that looks and
> acts kinda like the column list view in OSX finder or the file browser
> as seen in Panic's CODA application.
> The first screenshot at the bottom will give you the idea of what I'm
> looking for.

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