make standalone (was 2 quick questions)

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Hi Bob, I've been working thru it and you are spot on. Thx for this. 
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Not in front of my computer now but I suppose on preopenstack you could set lock screen to true, set the visible of the startup stack to false, open the real stack and away you go. Don't have your main app be a substack as i think it gets compiled like the startup stack. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. Instead add you main stack as an included file in you standalone settings.


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>> Some have the main stack be a kind of splash screen that shows for a few seconds, then hides itself and opens the real stack which you would add as a file that gets included with the "main" app. > Make sense?
> Thanks Bob, that makes perfect sense but... just mechanically I was not sure what hoops to jump through. Ok, let me try and see what I come up with..... 10 mins in, still see no solution. IS Notepad a substack of my new Startup stack or a stack file attached to Startup?
> I guess I'll try both while I'm waiting... I think this is one area in the User Guide (Chapter 10) that could use a bit more explaining... something like: How to Create a Startup Stack? Also, can Startup be invisible so the user just sees my application stack?
> -- Mark
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