Shell command return 255

JosepM jmyepes at
Sun Jun 20 18:42:36 CDT 2010


>From the DiagramCreator of Chipp I search info about graphicViz and I
discovered the dot command to create diagrams on the fly from the Terminal.

Trying to execute a command with the shell in MacOSx... from the terminal
the command run ok and create the graphic without any problem, but from the
rev only I get a 255 exit code that (I think) is an error, but I don't know

Frist I change the path from "/bin/sh" to "/usr/local/bin", so by default
the dot command isn't found.

The code:

set the shellCommand to "/usr/local/bin" 
put ("dot -Tjpg /users/joss/desktop/ -o
/users/joss/desktop/test-01-grafic.jpg") into tCommand 
get shell(tCommand)
answer the Result

Any idea why?

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