Recursion limit error

Simon Lord slord at
Sun Jun 20 12:36:57 EDT 2010

I have a divider in my stack which I would like to constrain within 2
values along the x axis.  In this case it should not be less than 180
or greater than 420.

if x < 180 or x > 420 then
      // do nothing
      put the mouseH into iTableLeft
      send updateThisDisplay to this stack
end if

It kind works except that if the user moves their mouse very fast then
the script falls into "do nothing" even though the divider is clearly
not at either min/max bounds.  I've tried a few other methods like
using the mouseH and I keep running into the recursion limit
(ironically on scripts that actually do what I want which is to stop
exactly at 180 or 420 and stay there until the mouseH is going the
other direction).

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