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Sun Jun 20 06:11:01 EDT 2010

Hi René,

Quoted strings can't be interpreted as variables by the engine (as  
long as quoted strings aren't numbers used as names for objects). For  
me, this is the main reason to always put strings in quotes (besides  
the fact that strings with spaces in them will cause errors if there  
are no quotes around them).

The number of characters of variables doesn't matter. Longer variables  
and object names just make your stack file slightly bigger. The effect  
is negligible.

Fast compilation is not the same as fast running. Compilation time is  
negligible, the only noticeable delay may come from the time needed to  
read a file from disk. Of course, long repeat loops and generally bad  
scripting may cause delays too.

RunRev compiles your scripts when the stack file opens. As long as you  
don't edit your scripts, it won't compile them again (with a few  
exceptions, e.g. if you're using the "do" command).

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 20 jun 2010, at 11:40, René Micout wrote:

> Hello,
> For my actual project I need (and I search) the better performances  
> when my scripts are "running"...
> I read in Scripter's Scrapbook :
> -  Put names in quotes. They are faster to compile since they are  
> not checked as variables first, and you cannot unintentionally  
> confuse them with a variable of the same spelling.
> -  The fewer the characters, the faster they compile; "num of flds"  
> is quicker than "the number of background fields".
> My question :
> Fast "compile" is it fast "run" ?
> in other words : is RunRev "compile" one time when I click in my  
> script Editor or compile each time the script is run ?
> Fast compiling = (≠) fast running ?
> Bon souvenir de Paris

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