make standalone (was 2 quick questions)

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Sat Jun 19 23:03:17 EDT 2010

Mark and Bob, thank you so much for your responses. (In particular Mark, your Standalone conference stack was a big help).
Now I have but a few questions (sorry, somedays I do feel like an idiot!)

It looks like I have 2 options for my Startup stack

1. In the stack script put:

on startup
   hide this stack
   close this stack
   go to stack the utargetstack of this stack
end startup

2. Put this (or something like it)

on preopenstack
   lock screen to true
   set visible to false
   open "real" stack....
end preopenstack

Q1 What is the difference between the startup and preopenstack messages?
Q2 I realize I probably need a list of revtalk messages (with descriptions) but couldn't find one. Any suggestions???
Q3 "utargetstack" is a variable? Where is it defined... (the target stack in my case will be called "Notepad3")

Thanks again... oh, 1 other tangential question for either of you. Mark, in your Standalone stack I noticed the forward/back buttons were skinned. Is there a
tutorial around on how to do that?

I feel like  a 3 year old that keeps asking "Why?" to every answer!

-- Mark

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Friday, June 18, 2010, 8:05:12 PM, you wrote:

> Thanks Bob, that makes perfect sense but... just mechanically I
> was not sure what hoops to jump through. Ok, let me try and see what
> I come up with..... 10 mins in, still see no solution. IS Notepad a
> substack of my new Startup stack or a stack file attached to Startup?

> I guess I'll try both while I'm waiting... I think this is one
> area in the User Guide (Chapter 10) that could use a bit more
> explaining... something like: How to Create a Startup Stack? Also,

It's not easy to find on the rev website, but check out the Standalone
conference stack (#15) at:

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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