Problems with MenuPick

Steve King st.king42 at
Sat Jun 19 13:00:52 EDT 2010


I have a set of tabbed cards navigated by 

on menupick thecard
   go to card theCard
   pass MenuPick
end menupick

This works fine in normal navigation. In a button of one of the tabbed cards
I load data then put it into the fields of various cards then as the last
statement switch to the first tabbed card. I do this simple by

Send "menupick Dive Planner"

Unfortunately, this switches the card but not the tabs.

I have tried changing Dive Planner to Dive_Planner just in case it doesn't
like space, no effect

Any suggestions what may be wrong or how I can force the tab to change as I
always go to the same card?

Note that I am working in the IDE with Rev Studio 4.


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