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Saturday, June 19, 2010, 8:30:40 AM, you wrote:

> My plan is to create the main stack as the “splash screen” which
> will open a substack for the preferences. From the preferences, the
> therapist can choose which substack(s) (i.e. skill areas) they want
> to administer as well as the access method. Would that be a good way
> to organize the content?

Are your needs complicated enough to need separation into substacks?
>From your description it sounds like multiple cards might do the trick
for you. Are the skill areas different enough that you need to
compartmentalize them out into separate stacks? But if you need
substacks the process isn't much harder. You go to a substack by

go stack "Fred"

and can go back to your main stack by saying

go stack "TheNameOfYourMainstack"

To make things easier I usually say

push card
go stack "Fred"

and then to go back to my main stack I just say

pop card

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