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Celeste Helling chelling at
Sat Jun 19 11:30:40 EDT 2010


I am working on a freeware stack that will be given away at a national disability conference. The purpose is to help speech therapist evaluate the communication skills of an adult or child who is not able to talk.

Right now, I have 12 skill areas that can be included as part of the evaluation in addition to five different ways the user can input their responses (i.e. scan, mouse ect).  

My plan is to create the main stack as the “splash screen” which will open a substack for the preferences. From the preferences, the therapist can choose which substack(s) (i.e. skill areas) they want to administer as well as the access method. Would that be a good way to organize the content?

How can I keep the selected skill areas (substacks) in memory and tell Rev which one to open next? Rev will also have to keep the access method throughout the substacks. I originally though I would use globals, but from what I have been reading realize this may not be the most efficient way to manage this. 

I haven't worked with substacks before, so this is completely new to me!
Also, I have a feeing that many therapist will be using netbooks instead of traditional notebooks in the future, so I need to watch for the resources the stack is using.

I appreciate any help you can provide.



Celeste Helling

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