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Funny you should mention that. My first app is something similar... a notepad (just for its simplicity and completeness). It has (appropriately) a text field, cards are numbered (so I know how many there are), and buttons for forwards, backwards, begin, end, create, delete and save notes. Now, I want to compile to a standalone but I don;t understand the instruction to split my stack so I can save the notes? I just have the one stack. Any suggestions?

Mark Smith

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> Hi Peter, no doubt the day will come. Thanks for the tip (I'm filing
> these away in a word document. Mark Schonewille will undoubtedly
> need something to base his FAQ on!)
> -- M

I save my collected tips in a Rev stack. Searchable. And poetically

-- Peter

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> A useful nugget -- if you need to get the current card of a stack that
> is not the frontmost stack, use the undocumented term
> "currentcard" (note lack of space character) -- as in:
> put the currentcard of stack "myStack" into cc
> which gets you something like:
> card id 1002
> "Currentcard" is equivalent to "this card" but works with any open
> stack, returning the id of the card that is currently showing in that
> stack. In your case this is unnecessary, as you are apparently needing
> to deal only with the one stack, so "this card" will do fine.

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