[ANN] Scripter's Scrapbook update to 5.2.17

Hugh Senior h at FlexibleLearning.com
Fri Jun 18 11:50:28 EDT 2010


The Scripter's Scrapbook has today been updated to v5.2.17 with a range of
enhancements, bugfixes and adjustments. Written entirely in rev, this is one
utility you really should take a look at whether new to scripting or a
seasoned veteran. The new version requires engine v2.9 or later. All the
starter-kit download bundles and optional standAlone application programs
have been updated. This means that The Scripter's Scrapbook is no longer
able to support Mac OS 9.

If you are an existing User, use the update option from within the software.
The process is automatic and a new setup will be created for you. You do not
even need to copy over your own plugin files as this will be done for you.
Your original setup is left untouched so you can, if you wish, revert at any
time. If you are using your Scrapbook with a standAlone, visit the downloads
site at www.FlexibleLearning.com/ssbk.htm to get an updated application
program in Option 3.

If you do not have the Scripter's Scrapbook and would like to try it for
free for 30 days, go to www.FlexibleLearning.com/ssbk.htm and choose your
starter-kit download. Use Option 1 to use it as a Rev plugIn. Use Option 2
to download everything in option 1 plus a standalone application program of
your choice so you can use the Scrapbook outside of Rev's IDE. Use Option 3
to download additional application programs for use on other platforms.

- What is The Scripter's Scrapbook?
A personal reference resource library of code and files that you add to as
you need, centralising and organising all your re-usable resources of all
programming languages in one place. See

- Where can I get it?

- What have others said?

- Where are the dox?

>From the dox...
A general maintenance update.
Engine version 2.9 or later is now required.

. The API has been incremented to v1.3 with support for multi-line control
structures in both IAC text files and the ScriptMaker. In standAlone
applications, these scripts are limited to ten statements. If your script
cannot be reduced to this limit, it must be implemented by using sequential
API scripts or by using a plugin written in Revolution (see the ssBk API
Handbook under the PlugIns menu).

. The PlugIns menu is now displayed independently for easier access.
. The right-click Edit and Style contextual menus now include the option to
toggle from one to the other directly without having to use the Preferences
each time to set your choice.
. Selecting the Source popup menu with the CTRL key now shows all Entries,
not just those currently selected.

. The File/Page SetUp dialog implements the platform-native setup dialog
(requires runtime engine v2.9 or later)
. Added a drag image when moving selected text.

. On Windows, a hyperLink to a file on an unmounted volume (such as a
missing CD) should now be gracefully reported and no longer throw a Windows
disk access error.
. Persistent arrowKey navigation (by holding down any of the keyboard arrow
keys) is now correctly handled when the mouse hovers over the index.
. The Context Options palette now immediately reflects an Entry name change.
. Right-clicking a Memo no longer throws an error.
. Registration requires Administrator privileges for XP. Non-Administrator
registration access is now correctly handled.

Hugh Senior
(Home of the Scripter's Scrapbook)

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