How to launch an application (like "word" from a stack?

Andre.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at
Fri Jun 18 04:41:44 CDT 2010

Wow! I did not know that; sure it is worth!

Unfortunately seems that it does not work in tRev (impossible to paste  
directly in the script); but it works in the message box or in a  
field, from which it is possible to copy/paste in the script; so it is  

it works well in the script editor of rev.

Danke sehr Bernd for this usefull information

Best regards


Le 18 juin 10 à 10:51, BNig a écrit :

> André,
> for what it is worth: in MacOS X you can select the file/application  
> you
> want to address in the finder, command-C or copy it and paste it  
> into the
> Rev field/script to get the full path pasted.
> If you want multiple files you select them in the finder and then  
> drag and
> drop these files into the field/script to get the  paths of all the  
> files.
> Copy paste will only paste the first file selected.
> It probably works in Windows too, though not tested.
> regards
> Bernd
> -- 

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