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Thu Jun 17 13:36:58 EDT 2010

Hi Simon,
Well that web page that shows in RevBrowser is based on a text file that's
yours to create.
You could parse the loaded page and reconfigure it to your needs. I don't
think there's anything in the revbrowser lib that indexes content in that
way that you ask, if I understand what you are requesting. But every message
and action that is available in a regular browser is available in
RevBrowser. Same code as the browser you are used to.

search for "browser" in the docs to see all the commands.  Don't use the old
XBrowser commands.

look up MERGE in the docs for one way to parse and replace multiple

 Remember that CSS and javascript will be available too, as well as AJAX-y
access to the DOM. Perhaps you should define 'communicate' a little further
- what do you want to do?

On 17 June 2010 09:31, Simon Lord <slord at> wrote:

> Ok, this is where I ask a question without exhausting all avenues to
> discover the answer...
> If I have RunRev load an html page, what options, if any, do I have to
> communicating to elements in that page?
> First, some structure to understand what I'm asking:
> This is a stack—not a plugin and not a stack talking to a browser.
> This is a stack with a web page rendered inside the stack.
> Can I target div's with ID?
> [God please say yes.]
> If so, what keywords should I be reviewing in the x-talk language?
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