What's With the Tilde After the Stack File Extension?

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at videotron.ca
Thu Jun 17 08:29:37 CDT 2010

Thank you Stephan,

I guess it was a memory blip.  A shut down and restart seems to have taken the molasses out of saving the stack.



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> Normal behavior. Rev saves a copy to revert to in case of
> interruption/crash. This happens rarely but you'll be glad it backed up the
> stack first someday. If someone pulled the plug in the middle of the save,
> you'd still have something.
> On 16 June 2010 15:16, Gregory Lypny <gregory.lypny at videotron.ca> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I was working on a stack today.  It has one substack.  Everything was going
>> fine until I noticed that saving the stack was taking too long (it's small)
>> and I was getting the spinning beach ball in Mac OS X.  I had the folder in
>> which I store the stack open and noticed that during saving a duplicate file
>> appears with tilde appended to the stack's extension as in stackName.rev~.
>> When saving is finally complete, the duplicate with the tilde disappears.
>> None of this happens with stacks that are working properly.  Does anyone
>> know what the problem is?
>> Gregory
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