[OT] Installing Linux fonts

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 03:02:19 EDT 2010

I set up a stack containing a field "FFF"
and a button with the following script:

on mouseUp
    set the textFont of fld "FFF" to "Sanskrit 2003"
    set the useUnicode to true
    put uniencode("abx") into BLOB
    set the unicodeText of fld "FFF" to numToChar(57417) & BLOB
end mouseUp

[bad point] which I had to type manually here because I was unable
                    to Copy-Paste from the script-editor on Linux into any
                    other program (tried gEdit and this one - ThunderBird).

What I got was " abx"; so the numToChar(57417) yielded the desired 
unicode glyph,
but :

1. at a tiny size

2.  superScripted

adding this line to the end of my script

set the textSize of fld "FFF" to 120

only served to set "abx" to a size of 120, while the complex glyph from 
address 57417
remained the same.


I have a "funny feeling" that the inability to scale text will extend to 
all characters from
outwith the extended ASCII table.

Obviously this is not satisfactory.


doing this:

set the unicodeText of fld "FFF" to BLOB & numToChar(57417) & BLOB

made the numToChar(57417) even smaller and put it even higher up the 


doing this:

set the unicodeText of fld "FFF" to numToChar(57417)

produced a similar phenomenon.


Feeling grumpy.

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