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On 6/16/10 5:57 AM, "Lynn Fredricks" <lfredricks at> wrote:

> The Reports project format is cross platform and "cross ADK", meaning with
> little effort, a Report you build for use with a local Rev application can
> be reused with a server (for example, having a complex report generated as a
> PDF locally could also be repurposed to work with PHP on a server).

Right.  This is huge advantage of Valentina Reports over other Reports
plugins for RB and REV, which can be used

A) only in LOCAL mode
B) only with RB or REV.

Valentina Reports in contrast developed in C++.
Are cross platform and cross-ADKs
And can be used in LOCAL and client/server mode.

For example report can be generated under VSERVER and moved to iphone as
picture or PDF or just shown into Browser, or returned by ODBC to ODBC
client and many other ways ...

And soon (couple of weeks) we will announce next great feature of Valentina
Reports :-)

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