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> Dear List members:
> On a Mac with Rev 4.0, it appears not to be possible to have cascading menus
> in an option button/menu. I can have them in a pop-up button/menu, but it
> doesn't look anywhere near as nice. I tried superimposing an option button
> over a pop-up button and sending a command to the pop-up, but that won't work
> either. Does anyone know of a work-around so that I can have option's looks
> with pop-up's functionality? Also, WHY can't the rev team create an option
> button with cascading menus? Thanks for all advice.

Probably because it contravenes HIG 'rules' ;)

However, if you really want to go down this path then you could try the

# create an option menu with its text sent to empty (let's call this btn
# create a popup menu with its text set to your cascading menus (let's call
this btn "popup")
# set the script of btn "option" to the following...

on mouseDown
   popup btn "popup" at the bottomLeft of me
end mouseDown

# set the script of btn "popup" to the following...

on menuPick pItem
   set the itemDel to "|"
   set the label of btn "option" to last item of pItem
   -- add routines related to menu selection here
end menuPick

You might want to fiddle with the location at which the popup btn appears a
bit (try adding a pixel or two to the y co-ordinate).



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