Change Field Property in All Fields of a Stack

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Thanks for the information.  I appreciate it much.  

Steve Axtell

> Steven Axtell wrote:
> > Is there a command that will allow a field property (textfont,
> > for example) to be changed in all of the fields of a stack at
> > the same time?
> Most visual attributes (textFont, textStyle, textSize, backgroundColor, 
> foregroundColor, and others) are inherited using roughly the same chain 
> as the message path: control, background (if present), card, stack, home.
> If you set the desired properties to empty in the controls themselves, 
> you can set them at the stack level and those controls will take on 
> those appearances.
> Tip:  to find the property settings for a control you can of course just 
> get it from the control, e.g.:
>   get the textFont of fld 1
> But if you've set the property to empty and want to know what value is 
> being inherited by it, you can use the "effective" keyword:
>   get the effective textFont of fld 1
> That will return the value of the property nearest the control which has 
> a non-empty value, or the engine's default if nothing in the message 
> path has been set.
> For example, if your field's textFont is set to empty and your card has 
> a textFont of "Lucida Grande", then using "the effective textFont" will 
> return "Lucida Grande".  If the card's textFont is empty but the stack's 
> textFont is "Ariel", it will return "Ariel".  If you later set the 
> textFont of the control to "Trebuchet", it will return "Trebuchet" 
> regardless of the value of any subsequent objects in the chain.
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