2 quick questions

Mark Smith Mark_Smith at cpe.umanitoba.ca
Tue Jun 15 19:51:26 EDT 2010

Thanks Mark. Am I allowed to continue asking dumb questions (always the best sort for a FAQ since then you can just point the annoying offender to the FAQ :-)

Is there any reason for choosing "this" over the "the current" or is just personal preference?


Mark Smith

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put the number of this  cd
put the number of the current cd
put the number of this cd of stack "Foo"
put the number of the current cd of stack "Foo"

I think there is a FAQ on the RunRev homepage but probably it isn't
what you're looking for. I'd be happy to host a FAQ on runrev.info if
we (the list) can agree on what should be included in such a FAQ.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 15 jun 2010, at 15:53, Mark Smith wrote:

> 1. How can I get the number of the current card (and put it into a
> field or variable)?
>    Related: since I am reading a property from an object will the
> solution to this problem generalize to all properties for all objects?
> 2. Has someone compiled a FAQ from this mailing list and where can I
> find it.
> Thanks
> Mark Smith

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