[Very OT] Happy and need to share it!

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 16:53:45 EDT 2010

On 06/15/2010 11:47 PM, Jeff Massung wrote:
> I want to try and raise her in such a way that she gets excited about
> learning and I want to dissect everything with her; show her that everything
> that looks complex, is really just a bunch of small, simple parts put
> together. And to question everything (even me... ya, we'll see how long that
> lasts!).

We all want to bring our kids up that way unless we have something wrong 
us; unfortunately other forces are brought to bear on our children, and 
it is very
very hard indeed to "kick against the pricks".


1. Rush out and buy an enormous box of LEGO.

2. Get down on the floor and play with the LEGO so that she can
     complain to Mum about Daddy hogging the toys . . .  :)

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