[Really OT] 2 hours till the biggest event in the year starts...

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Jun 15 15:21:06 CDT 2010

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Sorry for this OT but it is in my DNA, if I don't do this I loose my
> citzenship and my passport.
> Well, in just about 2 hours the world cup will finally start, as you all
> know, if only starts when WE enter the stage.
> I wish all the other teams a good experience in loosing to us.
> We know our current soccer team is quite bad. The coach is some crazy guy
> that decided to keep some wonderful players out, here in Brazil, we call a
> good player a "craque" which sounds like crack, the drug, so when the coach
> announced the team, outdoors and billboards were seen saying "do like the
> coach, don't use craque" as a joke with the drug campaigns.
> If Brazil scores less than 4x0 in this first match, I will personally boo
> the players till they are deaf. Now, this country is making so much noise
> with vuvuzelas since 6:00 AM that you guys over north america and europe
> might just be hearing us. Imagine, a country made of yellow and green
> vuvuzelas...
> Andre "painting my face right now" Garzia


Just as there is no rugby without the All Blacks, there can be no 
football* without the Brazilians.

Best of luck to your team.  Now that they're in I'll start watching.

* For the American readers here, by "football" I'm referring to the game 
in which the ball is moved with the foot, as opposed to the American 
game which mistakenly uses the same name but in which the ball is 
carried in the hands; I guess "handball" was already taken when they 
were naming that one. ;)

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