[Data Grid Helper] Looking for testers

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 10:49:30 EDT 2010

Dear List,

I need your help to test the Data Grid Helper's parts already built:
- change parameters in a grid
- change parameters in columns
- define columns (name, visibility, changing order by drag and drop, etc)
- work in the template area (add an object in the template, select it,
resize it by handles, etc)

Before I move ahead in the project, I would like to validate those parts.
A first beta test version will be available at the end of this month.

If you are interested to help testing this tool, please contact me offlist.
However, don't expect an immediate answer. I'll contact you with the beta
version when I'll ready with it.

If you need more information about the tool, please follow regulary this

It contains all the recent updates around the project (features,
improvments, videos and screenshots)


-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

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