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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Jun 15 09:04:50 CDT 2010

Richmond wrote:
> On 06/14/2010 10:59 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> Peter Alcibiades wrote:
>>> Richmond, one sees no signs they are even working on this - and other
>>> problems.  Are expressions of anger and impatience any less
>>> productive than
>>> compliant silence?  This is not an excusable way for a company to
>>> behave!
>> Yes, anger on a publicly searchable list can be damaging, and as such
>> is less productive than other methods. Richmond is right: RR is doing
>> exactly what they need to be doing right now.
>> If you would like a more productive outlet, pony up for Enterprise.
>> One of the perks for that level of subscription is that you can join
>> the Improve list where you'll be able to participate in the process
>> that helps form the future of the product. The NDA info you'll receive
>> will also alleviate the silence you feel RR keeps.
>> I don't know of any other commercial software companies that announce
>> their intentions to the general public before a release is final.
>> Apple even fires people who mention what product they're working on next.
> "pony up for Enterprise"
> I am surprised to hear that very English phrase from 'tother side of the
> pond . . .  :)
> I wonder if it might not be an idea for RunRev to have sort of
> membership thing, where folk
> who cannot or won't 'pony up' for Enterprise can pay an annual fee to
> take part in the Improve
> list?

Yes:  they can pay a fee to join the improve-rev list, and they get 
Enterprise bundled for free. :)

I agree with Jacque in her focus on productive outcomes:

If you don't like Rev then please recognize that the choice of using it 
is entirely your own.  This is a big world chock full o' development 
tools.  Shouldn't be hard to do as the rest of the world does:  find one 
you like and use it.

If instead you actually like using Rev but find some aspects annoying 
and want to see them improved, consider how that may best be 
accomplished and then pursue that path.

I've found it useful to try to choose my words online as I would if the 
reader were across the dinner table from me.  I wouldn't yell at my 
dinner guests, or call them names.

If there's something I need from someone, I do what I can to help them 
find what they need to accomplish it.

Being angry consumes energy that could be employed to solve problems.

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