So you CAN build an OS X app from another system...

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jun 13 20:37:30 CDT 2010

Mark Wieder wrote:

> Richard-
> Sunday, June 13, 2010, 12:15:06 PM, you wrote:
>> I thought ditto was only available to Win users running the Enterprise
>> versions with the Unix shell extras.  Does XP home support it?
> Don't know.
> Or care, really.
> That script is for a button on the installer and runs on OSX.
> It's the part that takes the zipped binary out of the custom prop,
> uncompresses it, and makes an executable binary app.

Thanks. For the Mac side I've been using chmod for that.

The trick was finding a way to install a Mac-runnable app from Windows, 
something that continues to elude me.

Oh well, the zip-file-plus-read-me has sufficed well enough...

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